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How We Got Our Start

At Time Capsule Biographies, we don't just capture moments; we craft stories. Our mission is to eternalize the rich tapestry of your life, or that of your loved ones, through captivating, cinematic biographies. Each story is a journey, and every memory a treasure.

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Welcome to Time Capsule Biographies "Crafting Cinematic Legacies, Preserving Timeless Stories"

Time Capsule Biographies is more than a documentary service – it's a journey into the art of storytelling, captured with cinematic excellence. Our mission is to create a lasting legacy of your life's narrative, meticulously crafted with professional artistry and personalized attention.

Our Premium Services: We offer an array of bespoke biography packages, each tailored to capture the unique essence of your story. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes high-end equipment, sophisticated storytelling techniques, and personalized research to ensure your biography is a testament to your life's journey.

Special Features for Every Package:

  • High-Quality Production: Employing state-of-the-art filming and sound equipment for superior visual and auditory quality.

  • Professional Research and Content Development: Delving deep into your history, including genealogy and significant life events, for an enriched narrative.

  • Interactive Elements and Post-Production Excellence: Offering interactive platforms for family additions, alongside top-tier editing, color grading, and sound mixing.

  • Legacy Planning and Preservation: Guidance on integrating your biography into family legacies, with premium physical and digital copies.

Tailored Packages

Individual Biography Package - $4,500

  • 10-minute personal biography with a high-quality cinematic approach.

  • Includes in-depth interviews, professional research, and up to 30 enhanced photos and 8 videos.

  • Ethical storytelling and sensitivity in every narrative.

Expanded Family Legacy Package - $12,000

  • 15-minute detailed documentary with multiple family interviews and comprehensive content development.

  • Up to 200 enhanced photos and 12 videos, with legacy planning and preservation advice.

  • Superior post-production services ensuring a visually stunning and emotionally resonant piece.

Signature Heritage Package - $18,000

  • 25-minute in-depth documentary with extensive research and interviews (up to 8 individuals).

  • 250 enhanced photos and 18 videos, with interactive elements for family engagement.

  • Custom narrative elements and location visits, delivering a deeply personalized and immersive experience.

Life Series Documentary Package - Custom Pricing

  • 'Netflix-level' documentary series, customized to the depth and breadth of your life story.

  • Unlimited interviews and travel, with the highest standard of production and ethical storytelling.

  • Tailored legacy planning, including interactive and future-oriented features like time capsule messages.

Special Community Offer

  • 20% discount for assisted living communities, including specialized legacy planning services to preserve the rich stories of multiple residents.

Contact us to begin the journey of preserving your legacy with the artistry and care it deserves.

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